Superstition and witchcraft torment the people in the 17th century. ALBINO (Reggie Nalder), a rural witch hunter terrorises a provincial town. He tortures the women on the rack and burns them at the stake.

A charming young girl (Olivera Vuco) and the young assistant (Udo Kier) to the Chief Inquisitor conspire to put an end to the foul deeds of this libertine. However, they fall into great danger when the Inquisitor (Herbert Lom) arrives in the town to commence his dreaded trials.

"Mark of the Devil is a crucial chapter in the history of exploitation cinema."

− Mondo Digital

"Kier is hypnotic every moment he is on the screen."

− Horror Talk

"A highly entertaining film. One of the most notorious films of 70's"

− Fright Fest

Starring: Herbert Lom, Reggie Nalder, Udo Kier, Herbert Fux, Olivera Vuco
Director: Michael Armstrong
Year: 1970
Genre: Horror
Running Time: 98 minutes
Rights: Worldwide

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