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A BRIEF HISTORY OF MULTICOM – The Content Company of the Future

A Brief History:

Multicom Entertainment Group was Founded in 2010 by veteran film and television executive Irv Holender, who was one of the original founding members of AFMA (IFTA), and a pioneer of conventions such as: NATPE, AFM, MIPtv and MIPCOM. Along with his son, Darrin Holender and the rest of the Multicom Team, they maintain hundreds of relationships with licensees in the global media industries.

Aside from its connections, Multicom Entertainment Group preserves a vast library of content with over 4,000 hours of feature films and television series built up over the past eight years. Multicom distributes globally with a focus on all digital media platforms (including OTT, mobile and pay-per-view). Through its comprehensive library of content and global network of broadcast and digital platform partners, Multicom has established itself as an industry leader in content distribution over the past couple of years, expanding rapidly into new ventures, such as in-house 4k Restoration of cult-favorite films. As business developed, the company grew, expanding from a small warehouse in Inglewood, CA to a new home-base centered in Beverly Hills, CA which has been the most recent feat yet.

Along with our in-house work, our Sales and Acquisitions departments frequently attend conferences around the world (pictured below) in search for more content that can be restored and streamed on various platforms for the public.

From Leonard DiCaprio to Reese Witherspoon, Jared Leto to The Beatles, and with countless acclaimed classic television series and current theatrical releases, Multicom’s expansive catalog boasts a powerful portfolio of global superstars across every category and genre. To learn more about the varying titles we have, check out our catalog.


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