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Streaker: Baring It All On July 3rd

When streaking becomes professional, does that mean it’s serious business or just for laughs? Streaker, premiering July 3rd, answers just that. 


Streaking rose to popularity in the early 70s, during various sporting events as an act of rebellion and later, a dare. Since then, the phenomenon has always been present within the realm of live sporting events, with security and event handlers doing their best to diffuse the situation. But alas, the streaking continues. It provides a sense of comedic flare to the otherwise tension-filled dynamic of the game, that of which the spectators enjoy. 



The Swiss film highlights the competitive nature of streaking when money is offered, and bets are placed to see who can stay on the field the longest.  It tackles a high school teacher’s struggles through fatherhood and financial security….leading him into the business of sports betting. But how long can the streaking last?


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German teacher and single father Balz Näf lives with his daughter Elisa in Baden. After irresponsibly gambling away the money for a new school sports field, he plummets into financial disarray. Together with his hairdresser, Kushtrim, Balz crafts a plan that should quickly regenerate the funds. Balz and Kushtrim curate a team of professional racers, infiltrating various sporting events and rigging bets by foretelling the indubitable presence of streakers. However, when Balz falls for the policewoman who’s been assigned to keep her eye on him, he must hedge his bets evermore wisely in order to curb her suspicions.




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