Fat Legs

“LIFE IS A DIFFICULT SCRIPT TO LEARN” It has been a year since Anna and John split, but things for her aren’t getting any easier. She isn’t landing auditions, and the mounting pressure from her parents to find a more stable career is starting to get to her. Dreading the uncertainty of her future Anna […]

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Multicom’s Summer 2018 Releases

We’re excited to announce five new titles premiering this summer…. Multicom has a handful of new releases for you to enjoy, this summer 2018! From comedy to drama, to iconic stories of romance, we have it all. Most of our releases are set for July and August, and will be available on Digital, Blu-Ray or […]

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Generational Sins strives to provide an interesting perspective on one family’s unfortunate functionality and how they can come into a place of forgiveness from hurt. Growing up in an abusive household, Drew has a hard time dealing with his troubled and emotional past– especially memories linked to his father. Through the request of his dying […]

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