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Film restoration is a tedious process that produces wondrous digital remasters of cult classic films. Films are fully restored to present an updated version of the movie once enjoyed by many audiences, years and years ago. The restoration involves many parts working with film scanning technicians and editors, from color correction to sound cleanup, to give the film a fresh face and new life– elevating it to Ultra HD.


The process starts with scanning the film. Before scanning, our film technician inspects the film, and if necessary, physically cleans off dirt and smudges– any ‘interferences’ that may disrupt the quality of the film to be scanned. Then, by scanning each frame of the reel individually, the film is converted into pixels as a raw digital file, and therefore a ‘digital replica’, so that the digital remastering process can begin. This is where the coloring, sound and overall editing can begin to restore the flick.


Here, things can get laborious. Remastering involves a careful eye to look over the details of the correctly colored film, side-by-side with its original scan in order not to miss a beat, in terms of contrast, color levels and overall image quality. This process can take up to months to complete– but the outcome is truly worth it.


MULTICOM’s 4K Films:

Two brothers discover most of a small town’s residents have been infected and have turned into toxic vampires.

A night of disco takes a terrible turn. College student Kelly McIntyre is wrongly committed to a psych ward after an accidental drug overdose, where she finds horrors down every corridor. Escape is not an option.

Nowadays, former tennis pro Tommy Everett teaches wealthy clients to play at their lavish homes. In order to raise the money he needs for a down payment on a private tennis court, he must go above and beyond his teaching duties for some of his clients.

J.D. and the Salt Flat Kid have dreams of country-singer stardom and a habit of getting into trouble. After meeting a talent agent in a jail cell, the two buddies leave their small town and set off for Nashville with hopes of making it to the Grand Ol’ Opry on an adventure full of music, laughs, and crazy antics.

Jessi is bent on revenge after being raped by a group of marauding outlaws who also slaughtered her husband.  An Al Admason classic twist on Westerns.

A lonely young aristocrat in turn-of-the-century England struggles to gain the approval of his over-bearing, class-conscious father. Tension rises when he falls in love with a woman whom his father will never accept.

One of puppet-maker Geppetto’s creations, a puppet called Pinocchio, magically comes to life. In order to fulfill his heart’s desire and become a real boy, Pinocchio must go on a daring adventure and learn valuable lessons.

Eccentric “biological inventor” Virgil works on his Blood Dolls – obedient little creatures with deadly features. About to be betrayed by those he trusts, Virgil and his family of freaks will exact the ultimate revenge.

With training and guidance from a man named Griba, son of Torren learns of his heritage and purpose in life: to defeat the spider king. He goes to the temple of the ancient one to avenge the deaths of his fellow villagers, and rescue his sister from the evil Dakkar and his spider cult.

A man visits Alcatraz prison after having dreams about all the people who died there. When he gets there, his brother is possessed by an evil vampiric demon. The ghost of a female heavy metal singer who was killed there tries to help the man fight the monster.

A ski-masked murderer runs rampant in an apartment complex, claiming his victims by using household tools. When teenager Laurie Ballard suddenly disappears, her brother, Joey, takes matters into his own hands, bypassing an incompetent detective in order to crack the case himself.

Carefree electrician Tom Cathral is recruited by The Company, and is quickly offered a full-time promotion to join the Retrievers, an elite squad of crooked secret operatives. His refusal to kill botches his first mission, making Tom The Company’s new target.

Robert Slatzer wakes to a phone call explaining that Marilyn Monroe has died. He recounts the story of meeting and immediately hitting it off with Norma Jean Baker as she navigated through the early stages of her acting career.

When Jane Woodman is found bludgeoned to death in her bedroom, her best friend Victoria Robeson becomes law enforcement’s prime suspect. In order for Jane’s killer to be caught, Victoria must gather the courage to reveal a damaging secret of her own.

Two former ranking figures of the Axis powers schedule a deadly martial arts tournament in an isolated locale. The two rivals then race to assemble the top competitors from around the world, with Steve Hunt being the most sought after fighter.

A goofy Korean finds his life hopelessly complicated by people continually confusing him with Bruce Lee while he unknowingly transports cocaine across the country. Hopefully he can move like Bruce Lee, too.