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In a town awash in the turmoils of a fledgling economy, conditions are made worse when the local mill catches fire, sending the town into a downward spiral. Accused of the arson, Rayford Boem organizes an armed resistance to defend his name against Sheriff Pascal.  When word reaches the family, Reagan Boem sets off in search of his missing father with intent to bring him home and repair the damage he has felt since childhood.

The Things We’ve Seen, presents a tale of a family torn by crime in a small impoverished town. When a father flees town due to accusations of crime, his son is left picking up the pieces in order to make sense of the situation. Besides the family disconnection, there is still a strong force between father and son– a protectiveness over one’s kin. Reagan Boem heads in search of his father whose absence has been ever-present during his son’s lives. The film combines details of a coming-of-age story, with a heroic tale of seeking amends in order to restore one’s character and family name.


Directed by Tre Manchester, and shot in Crowell Point and Lowell, Indiana. The film has received much praise and awards– as it was nominated for various awards in 2017, winning many, including:


Jury Award, for Best Actor in a Feature at the MayDay Film Festival

Gold Award, for Rising Star – Actor at the World Fest Houston 

Rising Star Award, for Best Male Actor at the World Fest Houston

Jury Award, for Best Feature Film at the MayDay Film Festival 

Best Narrative Feature Award for Best Narrative Feature at the George Lindsey UNA Film Festival

Houston Film Society – Critic’s Choice Award — for Best Picture at the World Fest Houston 


The Film is set to be released on DVD this Spring.