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Many of our titles celebrate the power of women — whether that be in their passion, their work or their drive, and we believe now more than ever that it is important to celebrate these characteristics. Problems arising in the entertainment industry, as well as other facets of the world, have not only brought attention to certain situations but more importantly, they’ve highlighted the courageous nature of these countless strong women. 


Multicom is proud to stand in solidarity with powerful women in the entertainment industry and overall, the world. Check out a few of our title featuring empowered females:




  • Honor DiariesNine leading women-advocates fight back against gender-based honor violence. Notions of shame and honor are challenged, and a dialogue that goes beyond assumptions emerges in their efforts to create change.

  • ElviraThis is the story of how Elvira Arellano fights to protect the rights of her U.S.-born son and herself. Protests and developing legislation in the United States are juxtaposed with the experiences of this one brave undocumented mother from Mexico.

  • Remarkable Women of the 20th CenturyCelebrate 100 years of amazing progress made by remarkable women from all over the world in politics, sports, and the arts. Meet such heroic figures as Hilary Clinton, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, and other great women!

  • Hollywood Remembers: Leading Ladies: Moviegoers have always been enamored by the Leading Ladies of Hollywood! Now in this single collection you can see the stories of some of Hollywood’s biggest actresses & the movies that made them icons! From Audrey Hepburn to Marilyn Monroe & everyone in between, this series will make you want to shout “Hooray for Hollywood”!



Queen BeeMentored and judged by a panel of successful entrepreneurs and bolstered by audience participation via crowd funding, three women battle to take their business to the top. Who will be worthy of the Queen Bee title in this engaging web-series?