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The Multicom library possesses a number of documentary features and series, with a wide range of topics– many of which are available for streaming on Amazon Prime. While some docs are related to pop culture, celebrities or music, many others spotlight specific issues in society, aiming to educate and raise awareness.


Here are some of our influential documentaries on PrimeVideo:


HONOR DIARIES: Nine leading women advocates fight back against gender-based honor violence. Notions of shame and honor are challenged, and a dialogue that goes beyond assumptions emerges in their efforts to create change.

RISEUP: Jamaica – the island that gave birth to the worldwide cultural phenomenon of Reggae. In a society where talent abounds and opportunity is scarce, three distinct and courageous artists fight to rise up from obscurity and write themselves into the pages of history.

ELVIRA: This is the story of how Elvira Arellano fights to protect the rights of her U.S.-born son and herself. Protests and developing legislation in the United States are juxtaposed with the experiences of this one brave undocumented mother from Mexico.


KING: MAN OF PEACE IN A TIME OF WAR: A rare and candid TV interview with Martin Luther King – unseen in 40 years – is the centerpiece of this timely tribute, featuring exclusive interviews with such notables as Jesse Jackson and Colin Powell that provide fresh insight into the life and personality of the late civil rights leader.


EXODUS REVEALED The Exodus Revealed follows the footsteps of the children of Israel on an unforgettable journey of discovery, and reveals fascinating physical evidence for the Exodus.


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