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Rockabilly is a unique blend of music that dates back to the 1950’s– a popular mix of country styles with rhythm and blues. It combines these sweet sounds and a 50s flair to execute the unique folk-blues hybrid. The sounds grew out of the South in the 1950s with local artists, expanding nationwide by 1956– and has since turned culture of its own. The Rockabilly lifestyle includes a variety of extravagant clothing, hair styles and make-up choices to go along with the hoppin’ beats. It’s a Rockabilly World recently went up on Amazon Prime Video, with a joyful recount of the music’s history and the famous musicians who embody this culture the most. Some recognized as:

  • Elvis Presley 
  • Buddy Holly 
  • Johnny Cash 
  • Carl Perkins

(just to name a few) 

The documentary also features artists such as: Drake Bell, Jimmy Angel Kandy K., and Danny B. Harvey who each convey what Rockabilly music means to them.


This documentary explores the Rockabilly scene and its worldwide members who pay homage to the music and lifestyle of 1950s rock n roll in all facets of their lives. Aesthetically, pin up, retro fashion, and hot rod cars pervade, proliferate, and preserve the scene, making it a truly singular subculture.